My love for cooking started when I was 5 and Santa brought me an avocado green, Easy Bake Oven. I fondly remember spending endless hours slaving under the heat of those 100-watt light bulbs. I was cranking out bite size cookies, brownies and mini cakes as fast as I could. My Dad and brother in-law were very willing test subjects.
Many years later it still brings me great joy to feed the people I love. 
My interest in learning more about cooking continued and I attended many culinary classes including some at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. 
As I have gotten older I realized the time to live your dreams is now, if you keep putting them off they may never happen. And so What the Cluck Truck was born. 
I hope that my food will bring a smile to your face and leave you wanting more. Just like those Easy Bake Oven cookies did for my Dad and brother in-law some 50+ years ago.